Showing off at the castle

Showing off at the castle (Age rating 18+)

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Hello dear ones!

My name is Irina and I am 20 years old. Some time ago I came across this wonderful site here and since then I can’t stop thinking about publishing a little photo story myself. Especially on such hot days as this summer, it makes sense to leave the house without underwear under a dress or skirt.

And so I decided to persuade my friend to take some nice pictures of me. Mean as I am, I hadn’t told him that they should be erotic photos. And so he had no idea that I had no panties under my dress. But he could have guessed right from the start that the bra was missing.

As soon as we had reached our destination, he began to take the first photos of me. I felt my heart start pounding at the thought of showing something more. Because I’d never taken any revealing photos in public before. It was time!

I pulled my dress up a little! Oh, God, I got hot and cold at the same time. And then there’s my friend’s baffled face. The initial excitement flew away quite fast, I had licked blood and now wanted really hot photos!

And yes, maybe you know the location, it was already once in a photo story here to see. An old castle seemed to me to be exactly the right location for such photos. A special tingling naturally arose when I pulled my dress up over my breasts. It almost didn’t work naked anymore, but I am more than enthusiastic about the photos!

In the castle itself, however, some caution was required, because there were quite a lot of people on the way. And I didn’t want to get caught! However, the castle offered many small, hidden places where I could show a little more every now and then. And yes, I admit it: the more time passed, the more courage I became!

And there was a very special kick at the end of the shooting. Because in a nice place, the wind played a little joke on me and made my dress blow up quite a bit. And I think I even got caught, at least a passing passer-by grinned over both ears!

It was definitely a unique experience. Of course I am looking forward to your comments and if you would like to see another photo story of me. I would be very happy, because it was a lot of fun!

Yours Irina


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