Sandra and Amanda in the park

Sandra and Amanda in the park (Age rating 18+)

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Hello dear readers!

My name is Amanda and I’m 25 years old. A few weeks ago my best friend Sandra made me aware of the blog Since we are very open with everything, she really wanted to hear my opinion on the subject of slipless. I have to admit that I liked the topic very quickly and actually expected that Sandra would like to go on a frivolous excursion with me. So I was all the more surprised when she confided to me that she would like to take part in one of the new photo stories, of course together with me!

I immediately had all sorts of concerns. I had less of a problem with the fact that there would be erotic photos of me, but it worried me that the photos would be taken in a public place. Because unlike Sandra, I am very shy about this. But somehow Sandra managed to persuade me. Soon the location for the shooting took place: A Japanese garden and that on a Saturday, that is, many people were already pre-programmed.

The big day had come. I met Sandra at my house at 11:00. Styling and choice of clothes were on the agenda. While Sandra was already squeaky happy, an ever increasing excitement spread in me. But I couldn’t pinch at this point anymore. Now it was time to close your eyes and go through. After all, I was able to persuade Sandra that we would only part with our underwear on site, a little ray of hope for me. Now it should finally start.

After a short drive we arrived at the Japanese garden. My knees trembled when I saw how many people were already there. Also the idea to walk around there without panties under my skirt and to show this in photos, my heart rate was probably no longer measurable. Sandra was much more relaxed, she could hardly wait to get started! After we looked at the Japanese garden together with the photographer we should start now. At a quiet corner we let our panties disappear in my handbag.

As soon as we started with the first photos, we already attracted the first glimpses from the garden visitors. While Sandra simply inspired this and in the meantime explored the small waterfall in the Japanese garden, I was much more reserved. Particularly since one could catch insights again and again during Sandra’s climbing action at the waterfall. So I decided to stay below the waterfall and give the camera some first insights.

Sandra had made herself comfortable above the waterfall and started to pose for the camera, so that my spit almost stayed away. Now double nervousness has spread inside me. On the one hand because I had nothing on under my skirt and on the other hand that Sandra could get caught in your wild action. Sandra seemed to notice my nervousness and joined me very quickly.

“Let’s pose together,” she whispered in my ear. With her by my side I felt safer and began to pose a little more open-heartedly. Nevertheless, we looked around again and again, as people suddenly appeared again and again. As you can see on the photos, the Japanese garden was partly quite twisty. Some of you may have got a glimpse behind the hedges. And before I knew it, Sandra was scurrying on again, she had discovered a kind of Japanese lantern made of stone, on which she had to sit immediately.

I decided to take some more photos on and in the small river. Here I felt a little more undisturbed and gave the camera further insights. A small stone bridge then asked for another great opportunity for a few photos for two.

“Look over there, that stone!”, Sandra squeaked and jumped in its direction. It was quite visible, but some more great photos were taken. Meanwhile Sandra mutated into a climbing monkey, hung on a tree and offered some great insights. Just as I was getting used to the situation to some extent, the next surprise came: A bridal couple including photographer and assistant! Now the danger was not only that someone could catch a glimpse, but that we might also land on one of the wedding photos. Sandra seemed to enjoy this deliciously and was able to persuade me to take some photos.

Before I knew it, Sandra jumped up the stones at the waterfall again in a good mood and shouted to me that I should follow. The bridal couple was still in the Japanese garden and both Sandra and I had to be more careful. But “caution” was probably more for me. Sandra started to pull her dress completely up and it was only a matter of time until someone caught her (you can see this very well in a picture). I almost didn’t get a laugh anymore.

But slowly I got really going and became more and more open for more photos. Even if the Japanese garden was still very well visited. I wanted to take some nice souvenir photos of this very special day. When two young men came and one of them took pictures with his smartphone, Sandra could no longer be stopped. She made faxing without end and the two men seem to like this very much, especially the one with smartphone.

Just when the two of them had disappeared again and should have had some rest, Sandra sat completely in the water with her buttocks naked. Her dress was soaking wet now and I didn’t want to be considered a spoilsport and copied her partially. And secretly I wanted to surpass them and stood directly in the waterfall with my bare buttocks. Wow, what a cool feeling that cold water running down my butt.

Since my skirt was already wet, I wanted more photos of me in the water. It was simply great to have such photos taken in the middle of a well-attended park. Whereby, had Sandra not been, I probably would not have dared to show so much of me. And as a big thank you to Sandra, there were some frivolous photos at the end of the shooting.

Of course I hope you would like to see Sandra and me in another photo story. Why don’t you make a few suggestions?

Yours Amanda


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