Pantyless in a castle ruin

Pantyless in a castle ruin (Age rating 18+)

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I still couldn’t convince my best friend to leave the house once without panties. The great thrill of our trip to the furniture store, however, remained in her memory. Of course she was curious how an adventure without panties would look like in the great outdoors. And so I promised her I would take her on such an adventure, on the condition that she would take some pictures of it!

And so, a few days ago, we arranged a little outing. She was wearing a nice dress too, but unfortunately with underwear. I, on the other hand, firmly resolved to go into the fullness to show her how easy the whole thing is! What this should involve, you will learn in the course of my story.

Our destination should be an old castle ruin. Because besides the thrill, we also wanted to enjoy the surroundings and above all the beautiful panorama, which one had from the old castle ruin. I decided to wear a skintight dress and did without any underwear at all!

As soon as we arrived I asked my best friend to get the camera ready. And the fun started! I think my best friend was a lot more nervous than me. Although not many people were yet on the way, one or the other person could be seen again and again in the distance.

You should have seen her face the first time I pulled up my dress.
“Oh, God, don’t overdo it!” she called out to me in a nervous voice and looked around. I’m sure you can imagine that a sentence like that only spurred me on even more. And when I discovered a bench to relax, I started to pose!

My best friend had gone silent, watched the hustle and bustle and pressed the release button of the camera diligently.
“At some point I’ll try it out,” she said to me, and I encouraged her once again and told her how much fun this sweet hobby was.

As soon as we reached the castle ruin, I discovered the chains of the drawbridge, which I used for further poses. Meanwhile I was almost only focused on the camera, but my best friend looked around from time to time and was still very nervous. And a little bit, she should be right. Because only when we stood in the middle of the castle ruin, we noticed that there was probably an overnight party here and a few people were still there. Of course, we quickly felt the many glances of male visitors.

Then I discovered a small, blind spot in the ruins of the castle. A beautiful wall in front of which I started to pose. And although people were only a few meters around the corner, I wanted to know!

I was starting to pull my dress up. All I heard was my best friend’Oh God, oh God’ whispering. She always looked to see if someone was coming around the corner! I, on the other hand, had become so aroused that I took off my dress completely. And already I stood there, as God created me.

The dress still casually over my shoulder, I threw it after a few seconds to my girlfriend. Just awesome, a breathtaking kick. I knew someone could be coming around the corner at any moment. And I would never get my dress back on so quickly. Fortunately we were not caught and of course I really like the photos. Posing naked in front of an old wall, madness!

After I put my dress back on, we continued exploring the old castle ruin. Especially the stairs to the highest point of the ruin were tough, because some men were watching us below. To be honest, I didn’t care about that and it didn’t bother me anymore that my dress sometimes slipped a bit too high.

It was especially exciting when I looked down from the railing to the men and gave my best friend a look at my naked butt. Meanwhile her nervousness had subsided a bit and she was giggling behind the camera.

A few minutes later, we discovered again a somewhat unobserved corner of the ruin. Of course I had to pose again and present my sweet honey blossom!

The trip was a complete success. I’m totally happy with the photos. And I am even more satisfied that I will have my best friend soon enough for her to go slipless with me! Of course I’m looking forward to your comments!

Your Alicja


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