Pantyless at the waterfall

Pantyless at the waterfall (Age rating 18+)

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This photo story was something very special for me, because the photographer chose a location for a change. More precisely, a location I’ve never been to before! Of course, such a thing is always associated with a very special charm when you go to a place without panties under your dress and don’t know exactly what to expect.

The journey took some time and led us into the middle of the beautiful Black Forest. The parking lot was already well filled. It looked as if there would be more people around me this time than on my previous adventures. Inside I was torn whether I should not have put on a longer dress after all. But the attraction of discovering this unknown place was ultimately greater.

As soon as we had moved a few meters away from the car, I got a small impression of what to expect. Because on a large wooden panel stood “waterfall”. The tension increased even more. But now I had to get rid of a certain piece of clothing. Yes, you already know, the panties had to go! And that wasn’t so easy, because as already suspected, there was a lot going on.

Nevertheless, I managed to remove the panties relatively quickly. And you want me to tell you something? It was quite fresh that day, as I’m sure you could tell from my fleece jacket. Nevertheless, the feeling was indescribably beautiful again!
But after a few meters my chin fell down after all. The waterfall was really huge and when I saw people walking around at the top, I knew that I had to run up there too. Of course I have nothing against some movement, but the way was quite narrow, steep and offered good insights for people running behind!

Not only did my pulse rate rise significantly, my excitement also began to rise. And yes, if I had known the location in advance, I would never have worn such a short, tight and airy dress. But I had to go through it now!

So let’s go up to the highest point of the waterfall. And the waterfall shouldn’t be the only wet place on that day. The unknown location, the many people, the tight dress. Again and again my fingers wandered to my pearl. That’s not how I knew myself. I was totally intoxicated! Yeah, it was awesome and felt right!

Slowly it went the narrow way up, again and again people appeared before and also behind me. I had completely lost control, couldn’t tell if people could see anything or not. I was so intoxicated, I didn’t care!

Meanwhile I had reached the top of the waterfall. Also here some people cavorted. When I discovered that you could even go into the water, I didn’t care about the icy temperatures of the water. Cool off your feet and enjoy the great atmosphere!

But now it went down again. And yes, just before the end of the trip I was finally caught. I didn’t even really notice it myself, only when the photographer said to me that I had given a young man quite a lot of insights, I became aware of it. Admittedly, I was a bit embarrassed, but what the hell, you only live once!

I hope you enjoyed my trip. Of course I would be very interested how you would react if a young woman in such a short dress would run up the steep stairs in front of you at such a location.

Your Alicja


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