Naked under the dirndl

Naked under the dirndl (Age rating 18+)

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Just in time for the start of the Oktoberfest I would like to present you a few photos in dirndl. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t persuade my best friend to slipless out of the house myself. But at least she was totally thrilled to take some pictures of me!

And so last month we decided to take a trip to the Rhine Falls. Since it was teeming with tourists anyway, I noticed with my dirndl, but the outfit didn’t seem to be too unusual for this place. Admittedly, if the passers-by had known that I didn’t wear panties, it wouldn’t have been so commonplace *grin*.

But first we had to walk from the parking lot to the actual attraction. And I used this, of course, to give a few small insights. I found it particularly exciting to walk barefoot a few steps into the water. I can tell you that my feet were not the only wet spots on my body!

My best friend obviously enjoyed taking photos of me and telling me again and again how many looks I got in my dirndl. And of course I enjoyed giving the camera a little insight every now and then.

When we arrived quite close to the Rhine Falls, a lot of people were walking around. That, of course, aroused me additionally. It is still a breathtaking feeling to walk around outside without panties under your dress. When it then still another few stairs went up, everything tingles simply in me. And I wasn’t really sure if one person or another couldn’t get a glimpse.

Of course I am very curious how you like the photos. And of course I would also be interested to know if some of you have ever been on the road in a dirndl without panties underneath.

Your Alicja


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