An excursion by train

An excursion by train (Age rating 18+)

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I have to admit that I liked the short video from the furniture store very much. For this reason I asked my friend to accompany me on a small train ride with the video camera. The result is a small, but hopefully for you just as fine video. But always one after the other.

Recently I wanted to go on a little trip with my friend. Of course we could have taken the car. But when I whispered the catchwords train, camera and slipless into my friend’s ear, he was on fire. And a new dress had been waiting for his first use for a few weeks!

We didn’t get the best weather, but it wasn’t too cold. Nevertheless I pulled a shorter coat over the dress. But the panties definitely stayed at home! And so we were still less than five minutes at the station, when my friend already took out the camera and began to film me. And I can tell you, I was hot again without end.

The excitement became even more intense when we finally sat on the train. There were a lot of people on the way, more than I had expected. Just when I thought that my friend wouldn’t dare to take any more pictures of me, he pulled out the camera. Now, of course, I couldn’t pinch at all!

And even though there were a lot of people around, I started to pose. I think not only my heartbeat was no longer measurable, but also that of my friend. And yes, I was humid without end, which you have certainly admired on the basis of the video already.

I hope very much that you like my little video and am as always very curious about your comments and suggestions!

Your Alicja


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