Alicja in the enchanted forest

Alicja in the enchanted forest

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Hello dear ones! Recently I really wanted a new photo story for this blog. There was a very special reason for this: I got myself a really frivolous pantyhose and a new dress! I also wanted to make the sweet but also a little shy photographer of sweet-erotic-stories hot. So let’s go on an adventure!

Like I said, I’d indulged in some very frivolous tights. And so the bra and panties stayed right at home. I have to say that I love the surprised look of the photographer when he notices me appearing for the photo shoot without my underwear. Now I was of course even more tense how he would react to the tights.

It started! As soon as we were a few meters away from the car, I started to pose! You should have seen his face when he noticed what frivolous tights I was wearing. I had to smile. And to be even looser than usual, I had a small alcoholic drink. And yes, just a few sips are enough for me to become even more uninhibited!

As you can already imagine, we weren’t the only ones at the location, which is called Zauberwald Pfad and lies in the beautiful Black Forest. But that shouldn’t bother me at all, unlike the photographer, who became more nervous when he noticed how the alcohol began to affect me!

Of course not only the zeeigelust, but also the excitement increased with me, what you can see on the photos well! I slowly got really going and had fun seducing the photographer. Of course he tried to concentrate fully on the photos, but it was obviously difficult for him, especially when I pressed him once in a while!

When I then also still began to roam very slowly with my fingertips over my already very damp honey blossom, began to drip with him the sweat beads only so from the forehead. Also, a slight bulge in a certain area could no longer be overlooked. The whole situation just spurred me on even more. I just love to play!

Meanwhile we had discovered a small wooden hut and decided to take some more photos. I knew I had to get him really hot! I was eager to find out how far he would go, or rather what he would dare. Again I looked at him very seductively and then said to him: “Is the photographer always so shy and reserved? He leaned over to me and whispered into my ear: “Should the photographer take some more very detailed photos?”.

You can imagine my answer and I think the photos at the end of the photoset show clearly that I could break his shyness. It was definitely a very exciting and above all very, very exciting afternoon!

Now, of course, as always, I’m really looking forward to your comments. How do you like tights? What frivolous clothes would you also like to see?

Your Alicja


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