Again in the furniture store

Again in the furniture store (Age rating 18+)

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Do you remember my little trip to the furniture store last year? At that time I wanted to show my best friend that I am really often out and about without panties under my dress. And yes, the trip was a real success, because even then she became very interested in the topic!

A few weeks ago, when I met my best friend, she suddenly asked me if we wanted to look at furniture again. She grinned up to both ears and I knew she wanted to experience a little slipless adventure with me also in the new year. And as a special surprise she added that she will not put on any panties herself! I was totally amazed and couldn’t believe it yet…

So I was all the more excited when the big day came last week. Of course I asked her again to take pictures of our little trip. As soon as we reached the furniture store, I naturally asked the decisive question: “Well, what are you wearing underneath?”. She grinned and pulled up her dress for a short moment and I could hardly believe it, but she actually had nothing on under her dress.

The thought that we were now together without panties under the dress, made me extremely washy. Of course I got even more fun when my best friend took the first pictures of me. Of course we tried to be totally inconspicuous again, but luckily there wasn’t much going on. Nevertheless, employees of the furniture store appeared again and again in a very surprising way. Of course I wanted to avoid getting caught, especially since my best friend had her Slipless premiere!

I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures of her yet, but she started to practice and showed something every now and then. And exactly this turned me on so correctly, which is to be recognized on one or the other photo also well. My honey blossom hasn’t been this wet for a long time. What can I say, I totally enjoyed the excursion and hope of course that we will soon be able to experience a nice excursion in the great outdoors!

Of course, as always I am looking forward to your comments and ideas for further shootings.

Your Alicja


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